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This website is designed to be a resource for you as part of the Quality Asthma Care in the San Luis Valley program.  It is intended for use by healthcare providers at the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center, Valley-Wide Health Systems, and Conejos County Hospital to help provide the best care for patients with asthma. This website gives you on-going access to materials that support your clinical practice and your patients with asthma.

This site contains a comprehensive library of all print materials from the live workshops offered as part of the program, as well as the slide decks, clinical support tools, and patient education materials. 

For providers, there is an opportunity to participate in an online educational activity about spirometry and to receive CME credit. This activity reviews the essentials of spirometry and spirometry interpretation, so that you can interpret spirometry results more efficiently.

We hope you find this site valuable and helpful in your everyday practice.

Spirometry Interpretation (CME Activity)

Spirometry is essential for the accurate diagnosis of asthma and it can help navigate the course of clinical treatment. This online educational activity features a “how to” review of spirometry with interactive case studies. It may be completed for CME credit.

Patient Education Materials

Patients with asthma who understand the disease and how it is treated enjoy better health outcomes. This library includes all patient education materials (in English and Spanish) distributed at the live workshops as PDFs that can be easily downloaded and printed.

Clinical Support Tools

Guideline-based clinical support tools distributed at the live workshops are presented in a PDF format for downloading and printing. Asthma control questionnaires, spirometry and education checklists, as well as quick-reference charts will help you deliver evidence-based asthma care.